Here are our in stock instrument prices.   You can order online and pick up in the store - saves a lot of time.  Please bring Photo ID and credit card at pick up.  I can deliver to local schools, but need ID and credit card on file to deliver. 

Price list for near new fully refurbished.

Flute- Student
$24.99 per month

$24.99 per month

Composite Clarinet-STUDENT
$25.99 per month

Alto Saxophone-STUDENT
$49.99 per month

Trumpet-STUDENT ( Most of these are new)
$29.99 per month

$29.99 per month

Violin-STUDENT. These are new in most cases.
$29.99 per month

$29.99 per month. These are usually new.

Snare Drum Kit
$25.99 per month. - Order from VIR we are out of stock.

Snare/Bell Combo Kit
$25.99 per month. Order through VIR. We are out of stock.

Wood Clarinet-ADVANCED Buffet E 11 and more.
$49.99 per month.

Tenor Saxophone-STUDENT
$59.99 per month.

Baritone Horn
$59.99 per month

$59.99 per month

Single French Horn
$59.99 per month


These must be picked up in store, we do not ship. All CT Band instruments are eligible to be purchased.  We offer immediate swap if instrument develops issue.  Bring it in and leave with a replacement.  No lost time.