• Buffet C 13 international wood clarinet. Semi professional. Just serviced. Good r13 alternative.

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    Buffet c13 international wood clarinet.  Buffet International C13 Intermediate Clarinet Made in Germany.  Semi professional.   Fine Grenadila wood. Silver keys.    Used protech case. Has good used mouthpiece used but works fine.   We welcome you to playlets this in our teaching studio and shop.  Semi pro.  Serviced and cleaned, new pads and a good fitted hard buffet  case.  Sold only through premier buffet dealers, it has the poly cyndrical bore of the r13.  Used as is mouthpiece - yo will want a Van Doren M 13 or B 45.  This clarinet is considered 2 levels above e11 one below the r13.  

    Silver keys and many new pads. Play tested. Good for student or semi pro as it has features of the r13 without the price tag. Better than e 11 but would be suitable if you are looking for an e11 - can also substitute for the r 13 as it has the same bore 

    I hand cleaned the silver keys, oiled the bore and put in all new pads. Plays well.  

    Buffet Crampon is one of the worlds finest woodwind manufacturers.  The C13 international is their finest intermediate model ( two steps above their popular E11),  has the R13’s poly cylindrical bore design and is only sold by Buffets premier dealers.  The silver key work has been cleaned.   Used case. This is a good value for a high end clarinet - pads are all new. Plays wonderfully. 

    Very nice with silver keys and new pads. One of Buffets better offerings sold only to Buffet dealers.   This one is very clean not much play time on it. Had the r 13 bore. Semi pro. 

    Rents at $44.00 per month with insurance.  4 months due up front + 4 months security.  Carries purchase option.  We apply a portion of paid rental fee to purchase. Anytime return.  See rental pages. 

    Concert barrel with r13 bore. I cleaned the silver keys tone holes etc. and installed new pads. The 5 rv mp is used with a Bonide ligature. Case is original padded one. Pads are new. Springs and wood all good.