Used bass clarinet. Jupiter bass clarinet. Pre owned. Very nice Carnegie XL

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Jupiter Bass Clarinet Carnegie xl edition  Pre owned unit.  SOLD AS IS has not been serviced - usually I'm at 1200 on this.  Selling as is - it feels weak to me on top 3 keys, they are sluggish, and I don't have time to attend to it.   I feel it needs a minor inexpensive adjustment and more tension on a top spring.  I'm selling as is - If it does not sell - it is a unit I will have repaired and rent out - It is a fine used instrument.  NO RETURN on the used as is. This is a high end Jupiter Bass clarinet.  Well worth investing a few $$ into it. 

That said - I can send it out to our shop for a full service for $349.99. - well worth it and I warranty the work 90 days.  Let me know.

Clean horn.  Needs that adjustment, but I see no other issues.  Pads look pretty good. Case is sturdy and interior is clean.  A little exterior wear outside...  Includes a good used MP and floor peg. All pads are clean and sealing.    I am a music teacher by trade.  

We also lease and rent these - so it can go at any time.  I will work with schools and I offer free local pick up if you are in CT.   Buyer pays all shipping, I will not accept  a return on a used item.  It has not been serviced.  I'd rather have you come to my shop in CT to see these. 

CT band instrument Services. 

We are a licensed and professional school band instrument service.  I am a retired music teacher and an expert in this field.  Please e mail me if you have any questions - I'm glad to help. 

We are located in Stratford CT and a vendor to the local schools.  I am a registered and legal business.  Our units are professionally serviced. 

 If you want to rent this unit - I can have it serviced.  We do offer a rent to own.  I'd need 349.99 down which is our one year lease.  I would have to serviced and then shipped to you.  I'd need only a couple weeks.

If you want it serviced - add $350 and I will warranty the work one year. .