• Leblanc Paris Soloist wood clarinet. Concert barrel. Serviced. Semi pro just overhauled.

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    Nice very clean unit.  Serviced . Warrantied. Concert barrel. Great for advancing students and concert level players.  New - 1800 and up.   Made in France.  Leblanc Paris Omega is a fairly recent model.  Save over the R 13 - Made in Paris France. 66 barrel spot on intonation.  That's a concert sized barrel - new pads new cork. Really a nice unit. New 1800 - this looks great and plays great too! Nice upgraded hard case. Good R 13 alternative. Our tech says it has amazing tone and ease of play.  He just put all new synthetic pads on this. 

    A comparable horn like the Buffet R 13 is expensive- These have the poly cydrical bore. The ease of play is amazing.  Intonation spot on and your player will not need upgrades.   

    We invite you to try these in our Stratford Studio. Local pick up.  We no longer ship these. 

    Concert barrel.  Good pro doubler, if you need that r13 - and can not swing it, test drive this baby.

    Rental available - $39.99 per month in our local area.  Or buy at this highly discounted price.

    Buy at this price, or rent it.  Rent to own is $250.down.  Then 30 more paid months.  You can return at any time or buy it early.  Call in to order.