Rent intermediate wood clarinets. School year lease w free summers. Pay 8 get free. NO SHIPPING local area only. ( Stratford CT)

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There are only 2 items left in stock.
There are only 2 items left in stock.

  • Rent intermediate wood clarinets.  Selmer Omega, and Cl 211.   Price includes school year rental.  ($299.99)   
  • No deposit on the lease.   This is one of our top sellers.
  • School year lease.  Pay 10 get 2 free; keep over summer at no cost. 
  • Instant swap if issue with unit.  We do not cover loss, theft  destruction. neglect or abuse.  Replacement cost is $1200.00
  • After the year, choose to renew or return.  Or, convert to monthly payments of $34.99.  ( Lease is cheaper) 
  • Order here. I will confirm everything before I ship. 
  • Anytime buyout is $1200.00  less applied portion of rental fees.  TBA case by case.  Up to $550.00
  • Anytime return. 
  • Rent to buy is 36 PAID months not including the free ones. 
Dee 203 260 5247