• Selmer CL 211 intermediate wood clarinet. Silver keys. Professionally Refurbished. Warranty 30 days.


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    Selmer wood clarinet.  Just overhauled.  This is the Cl 211 Soloist wood clarinet with silver keys; current cl 211 is $1800. Pads are good many are new, and unit is very clean.  Adjustable thumb rest.  This is an intermediate clarinet. Case is Selmer hard case.  Wood is good, a little touch wear on a couple of the silver plated keys. It is a preowned.    A used mouthpiece is included. I had it professionally shop serviced. New these are $1800.00.  

Small bore - followed the Omega. Has silver keys. It is a higher end Selmer USA line.   Omega specs nearly the same. I have a few of those as well. Will include a used upgraded MP as is - not part of sale but is included.  Case is ok - it fits the clarinet well.  This one has gone to the shop for proper adjusting, so its ready.  Is a current line and teacher approved. Intermediate 64.5 barrel. 

    Silver keys, new pads. Very nice intermediate clarinet and a current line. 

    This is often called Soloist. Because it uses the proven soloist design. It is NOT to be confused with the original vintage soloist. This is the current selmer CL 211 - 

Why chase after that buffet E11? This is on par and more affordable -and a current line. Won’t crack like the buffet is prone to do. 

    CT Band Instrument Services- I do this full time. I buy used gear to recondition and resell or rent. I am a music teacher by profession.