Selmer Omega intermediate wood clarinet. Selmer USA. IS OUT TO REBUILD


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Selmer Omega Intermediate wood clarinet. Pads are new, it was well taken care of.  64.5 barrel.   Great performance level. Has silver plated keys (all the Omegas do) . We polished all silver keys. Keys are Clean top and bottom. There is no plating loss. No flaws to wood. Checked all wood tone holes and keys - all are looking good! No cracks. Plays well. Small bore, silver keys. Concert barrel. Play tested. Priced well as a new comparable 211 is around 1800. Pretty scrolled bell.  Many new pads this is preowned with service.  Great alternative to the Selmer CL 211. This is older - earlier serial with engraved logos - music nicer tone and better quality.  May be leased, or purchased.  Come in and try one today.   This is out to the shop - I have a lot in the store.  If in Ct please come in and pick yours today.  IF YOU ORDER - PLEASE ALLOW ME 2 weeks.  We are putting synthetics on this one. 

They were made in the 80's to compete w Selmer Paris Centered Tone Omega - so what we have is one of the better lines made Selmer USA not Selmer Paris. 

Case is original - worn but fits.   This does  have the engraved logos and serial makes it earlier production - my opinion a nicer playing horn.  

A comparable horn like the Selmer 210 or 211 or Buffet is well over 1800.  This is restored to perfect play order by qualified technician.  No hassle return if it's just not a good fit.  I'll give you 30 days. 

It's used but restored to play condition.  If in the Connecticut are - come to the shop and play a few - pick out just the right fit.  We are really good about exchanges and returns.  I know online is not easy.  See my e bay feedback - and google reviews.

Beautiful clarinet. Silver keys, engraved bell. Original case vd mouthpiece. Intermediate barrel. Adjustable thumb rest. Early serial and engraved logos. New pads original worn case. Works fine. It has been serviced and tested - great value if your looking at the CL 211 with a price tag of 1800 - this will suit you fine.  It is a performance level unit, well cared for by adult owner.