• Selmer Omega intermediate wood clarinet. Selmer USA. Out for service


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    Selmer Omega Intermediate wood clarinet. Just refurbished. New pads. Has silver plated keys (all the Omegas do) . We polished all silver keys. Keys are Clean top and bottom. There is no plating loss. No flaws to wood. Checked all wood tone holes and keys - all are looking good! No cracks. Plays well. Small bore, silver keys. Concert barrel. Play tested has full darker tone.  Priced well as a new comparable 211 is around 1800.  New pads this is preowned with service.  Case is used, worn but fits - as is on that.   Being rebuilt now. 

    These are the best clarinets made by Selmer USA. Silver keys, pretty scrolled bell. 

    They were made in the 80's to compete w Selmer Paris Centered Tone Omega - so what we have is one of the better lines made Selmer USA not Selmer Paris.

    Has engraved logos - older serial and more desirable. Nicer wood.

    The logos were painted on the later ones - the older ones with the engraved logos have an early serial. 64.5 on the barrel - standard step up. 

    A comparable horn like the Selmer 210 or 211 or Buffet is well over 1800.  No hassle return if it's just not a good fit.  I'll give you 30 days. 

    It's used but restored to play condition.  If in the Connecticut are - come to the shop and play a few - pick out just the right fit.  We are really good about exchanges and returns.  I know online is not easy.  See my e bay feedback - and google reviews.