• Selmer Omega Intermediate wood clarinet, just serviced. New pads. Nice unit.

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    Selmer Omega wood clarinet.   Just serviced new pads.  Wood is outstanding. Not like the junk out there these days.  M series - somewhat rare. 

    With a concert barrel - can serve in place of R 13.  New, a 211 is well over 1800. This is considered a top of the line Selmer USA clarinet.  Built to try and complete with Selmer Paris. It has a beautiful engraved bell and I will include a used mouthpiece - clean but as is on that.  Same level as the newer 211.  Case is as is.  This is a very early and more desirable  serial number.   Followed the series 10.   This has the student intermediate barrel like the CL 211,  Good for high school/middle school.  I offer use a concert 66 mm Selmer concert barrel to make more versatile.  It has a deep rich tone.  

    This is a beautiful brown wood, with a design on the bottom. 
    Case is original and has a nice black velvet lining on the inside and is a grey cloth covered zippered case. This was in the same family for many, many years. Really a fine clarinet. 

    Come try it at my studio!  Stratford CT please call for appointment ( 203 260 5247). I am an expert in this field and want to help you pick the right clarinets. These substitute well for the CL 211.