• Selmer Omega Intermediate wood clarinet. Pre owned just serviced. Nice unit.


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    Selmer Omega wood clarinet.   As seen - grenadilla wood very nice Condition.   I cleaned the silver keys, checked body and tone holes and tested. Pads are excellent - most are new and this is very clean. I cleaned the body and bore.   Intermediate level.  Included is a 64.5  barrel.   I know these run more - we dropped 350 into a full refurbish.  New, a 211 is well over 1800. This is considered a top of the line Selmer USA clarinet.  Built to try and complete with Selmer Paris. It has a beautiful engraved bell and I will include a used mouthpiece - clean but as is on that.  Same level as the newer 211.  Case is as is - it works fine,

    Service preformed:


    Cleaning af bore and body.

    Polish silver keys

    Install new pads

    Play test.

    JV servced.