• Selmer Omega Intermediate wood clarinet. Looks like a new one with little wear. Nice unit.


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    Selmer Omega wood clarinet. Mint!  New, a 211 is well over 1800. This is considered a top of the line Selmer USA clarinet.  It has a beautiful engraved bell.  This is scheduled for a rebuild.  We use synthetic pads on the Omegas. 

    We have a shop and teaching studio where you may come and try our fine clarinets.  I am an expert  in this field - and will help you the one!

    Buy at this price, or rent it.  Rent to own is $250.00 down.  Then 30 more paid months.  You can return at any time or buy it early.  Call in to order. 

    Rents at $29.99 per month