• Selmer Signet soloist wood clarinet. 25642. Just serviced. Pre owned clearance item.

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     Selmer Soloist wood clarinet. Chrome keys fitted original case.  Fully shop refurbished. Has original wood case which is used and as is - 

    This is one of our store specialty items.  They are amazing with regards to intonation and ease of play.  Sweet warm tone w concert barrel.    See all pictures .  Has a worn key or 2 so it is a clearance.  It plays fine.  

    Original used wood case. This unit is used has all new pads. Concert barrel very nice.  Love the ease of play and warm tone. Wood is fine - no cracks or pins. Chrome keys not silver better for student players. It pairs well with an HS* or HS **    which is what they come with originally.  I don't have a good mouthpiece for it -  you might need one. 

    Good semi pro w concert barrel this was well cared for. 

    These are our top seller with warm tone and great ease of play.  Good value -