• Selmer Signet Soloist Wood Clarinet. Amazing ease of play. Concert barell.

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    SELMER SIGNET SOLOIST WOOD CLARINET.   Chrome keys. Original case.  Just shop rebuilt. All new corks, new pads - the works. With warranty.     The wood is very good.  Save over the R13 this is semi pro w concert barrel. Warm tone good ease of play intermediate to semi pro great warm tone good ease of play. I have a lot of high school symphonic players leasing these as well as buying - They are a cost effective alternative the buffet r13. This has chrome keys and new pads.  Absolutely our top seller.   Good case.  It's the original case - but I will also include a pro tech case cover to protect the instrument.  

    So the body was oiled, cleaned, and the pads will be all new. Springs all looked new. Was well cared for by last owner.  We sent for overhaul - These are semi pro to intermediate with concert barrel. 

We are CT band instrument Services.

    Great ease of play spot on intonation gorgeous tone.  Warm sweet tone great ease on play no repairs to wood.  Good case vintage mouthpiece.

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