• Selmer signet soloist wood clarinet. Pre owned unit. Good price. Has been overhauled.

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    This is a beautiful horn.  Wood flawless. Keys polished and they are silver - there is a little wear so this item is discounted, case is original and as is. The vintage case works fine and fits the clarinet well, but it's pretty beat up - we lowered price for this reason.  It plays great!  It had a cleaning, new pads etc and a play test at the shop.  Pro shop regulation and a very pretty horn.  Great for intermediate to semi pro - I sell a lot of these.  I added a used vintage mouthpiece - you'd be at at least 1800 for a horn of this quality.  If not more.  Concert barrel makes it a great doubler or semi pro horn.  Great for community band and adult players. Good alternative to the Buffet R 13 - a lot less money.   We do very well with these.  Our best seller.  Has a B* mp included ( As is) 

    soloist b* mp   034877

    Pads are new, no cracks nor repair to the wood, the corks are bew, the key work is chrome.  This is intermediate to semi pro with concert barrel. . Has warm tone and amazing ease of play.  We sell a lot of these to NYC teachers and students alike. 

    Most of us agree the wood tubes were made in Paris.  These were the go to horn in the 70's and this one has very warm tone. 

    B* mp excellent condition. pairs well  this is gorgeous!