• Selmer Signet Soloist wood clarinet. All new synthetic pads. Beautiful instrument.

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    Selmer Signet Soloist wood clarinet.  Original vintage unit, Nice unit. Concert barrel, new pads, good case. Well cared for, has been serviced,  springs all good as is cork.  Has been properly shop refurbished.  We installed synthetic pads.  This is perfect and super clean.  No flaws or pins - its pristine.   A comparable unit - early 1800.  We lease these as well as sell them and it is a top seller.  Keys are chrome, case is old wood one but it fits. Come in and try a few - I have a lot in stock.  All are similar as far as appearance and cases.  I suggest coming to try them if you are in CT Area - we do have quite a few. 

    Chrome keys. Great ease of play spot on intonation gorgeous tone.  Warm sweet tone great ease on play no repairs to wood.  Tone is warm and spot on intonation - ease of play amazing.  Top seller. 

    You would pay at least 1800 and up new for the current models. This is tried and true. Reliable as they come.  You will find reviews on Google for my Soloists - I have an amazing tech; these never come back and you will never need an upgrade. 

    These are the best clarinets I sell.  They are reliable, the tone is sweet, ease of play is superior and intonation is spot on. I love them and we have a great tech. 

    Well worth our asking price considering it is warrantied and restored to perfect play order. I never have these come back. It has a concert barrell - I use these in place of an R 13 and I rent and lease them to many students and teachers in NYC.  Many use as a semi pro backup horn.  I just sold one to a man who used it in place of his series 9 while it was in the shop - guess what - he prefers the soloist ( See google review) . There are many similarities between the series 9 in the Selmer signet soloist- I have had this tested by our resident Clarinet and saxophone expert teacher.  I believe these came right after the Series 9.  An intermediate by those standards - but semi pro by todays,  Concert barrel, tubes are Paris made on these - thus the superior tone.  We are a teaching studio and music business - we sell and rent these and you can come try them in our store by the same name.  We are in Stratford CT - the cases are older, but fit well, I'm not replacing those.  But they fit well and they work - 

    I have a lot of wood clarinets - if local come try them.  All are tested by my clarinet teacher. 

    May be leased.  See rentbandinstrument.com