• Selmer Signet Soloist wood clarinet. Just rebuilt. Needs new case. Semi pro with concert barrel.

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    Exceptional condition. Semi pro or intermediate. Concert barrell.   Selmer Signet Wood Soloist Clarinet.  The case is an original Selmer hard fitted one. I took off a good deal for the case. Wood is flawless. Silver keys. The  barell is concert length,  This is gorgeous, semi pro Level. Come try it in our Stratford CT Studio.  Case not great - but fits as it should. 

    It was overhauled. These are the best and most reliable clarinet I sell.  They sound great, have amazing ease of play, spot on intonation and a warm rich tone  Concert barell,  good for intermediate to semi pro - I sell a lot of this model to pro players as back up units.  Good for community band. Adults and advanced students. 

    In the day they were a student line but today are considered semi pro.  

    Far better made than today's horns.  All new synthetic pads and rebuilt at the shop.  

    Vintage and sweet player.  Known for ease of play and very warm tone.    This is intermediate to semi pro.  These are the most reliable horns I sell.  They never come back.  They are very well made and the tone and ease of play is unmatched.  See the reviews - I warranty the horn 30 days. Looking for an R 13?  Test drive one of these.  Used mp as is

    A new unit like this will cost well over $2000.00.   ( Buffet r 13)   You won't need an upgrade - this is versatile and great for advancing players, high school players, community band players, back up horn, pro doubler and even college.  Spot on intonation and concert barrel. Amazing ease of play.  Warm sweet tone from nicely aged wood.  I far prefer them to the overpriced Buffet.  These are a better wood quality and have a concert barrel.  We ofter sell them as an R 13 alternative.  These never come back.  That's how reliable they are. I have concert level players using them because barrell is 66 not a short student one.  The wood for the soloists came from Selmer Paris factory.  They are known for amazing tone and ease of play.  I can easily compare this to the Leblanc Paris and it can serve as an r13 substitute.  I sell a lot of these to pro players as a back up doubler - last one I sold was to a man needing something to use while his Selmer Series 9 was being repaired. Lol - guess what he plays all the time now.  The Soloist. Look at our Google reviews.

    Warrantied 30 days.

    Rent me!  $34.99 per month with purchase option, or buy it at the discounted price.

    I do have a studio in Stratford CT where these may be tried.