• Signet Soloist wood clarinet. Amazing player. Had shop overhaul. Intermediate to Semi pro.


    There is only 1 item left in stock.

    Just Serviced at pro shop. New pads - new corks. Good for intermediate to semi pro new pads play tested. As shown with warranty. New padded case. Chrome keys. A little wear I took off a bit, still a fantastic player. No mouthpiece. Original case is older. 

    Good pro doubler, if you need that r13 - and can not swing it, test drive this baby. 

    Just serviced in stock 17043

    We are CT Band instrument services- we buy, sell, repair and rent school band instruments. I am a music teacher by profession.

    Just serviced in stock. I dropped 250 into this baby. 

    Chrome keys better for student - less worry.    I really like the warm tone and great ease of play on these - a lot of Selmer historians claim these wood tubes actually came from Paris.  It sure sounds it.   New - for a horn like this you would start at $1800 ( Like the Selmer 211 or any of the Leblanc woods.)   I just sold one to a man needing a back up as his Selmer Series 9 is down and out - guess what he now uses all the time?  His newly refurbished soloist. I sell a lot of these to teachers and students in NYC. Intonation spot on, convert barell and great ease of play. 

    Review: The Selmer Soloist you sold me is a great horn. My instructor told me that my Selmer 9* may end up becoming my backup horn as the Soloist sounds so nice.

    Thanks for everything,