Used clarinets for sale.

Selmer 301 student clarinets.

Selmer CL 301 student clarinets.  Refurbished,   All new pads.  In stock - 

Selmer 1400 Student clarinet.

Selmer CL 1400 student clarinet.  Fully refurbished new pads.

Leblanc Student clarinets.

Leblanc Student clarinets.  Refurbished. 

Used Alto saxophones

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Used bass clarinets

Jupiter bass clarinets. Used bass clarinets. $950.00

Used bass clarinets. We have several Jupiter Bass clarinets in stock.  Just out out service.  This one is the current model - has the Eb on body,  That one is like new. 

Used bass clarinet. Selmer Bass clarinet. $950.00

Selmer 1430 bass clarinet just serviced. Decent case, nice warm tone, great ease of play.